Septic System Inspection

Most lenders and buyers want to know the working status of onsite septic or wastewater treatment systems during the home buying option period, before closing on a property.  These inspections are often managed or assisted by a local real estate agent or office.  But Did You Know that there is no local regulation that requires an inspection of a septic system to be performed by a licensed or certified inspector before buying a home?

Some home inspectors attempt to perform wastewater treatment inspections by merely flushing the toilet and running some water, maybe even adding dye.  In most cases, this method is not even close to an accurate indication of the workability or condition of the septic system and can often miss a broken tank, clogged lateral lines, inoperable aerobic pump system, etc.

Our inspectors are Oklahoma DEQ licensed installers and certified inspectors and have years of experience in the installation and inspection of all types of conventional and aerobic wastewater systems.  


Types of Inspections

There are several types of septic or wastewater system inspections — which type a property needs is determined by the type of system and by the inspector. Common inspection points include:

  • Locating the tank and actually opening it for inspection

  • Checking liquid level for backup or leaks

  • Dividing wall is present and in good condition

  • Checking condition of the tank (corrosion, cracks, roots, etc.)

  • Liquid level reaction when wastewater is introduced to system

  • Check for backflow from the absorption area

For aerobic wastewater systems (common in Northeast Oklahoma), we also check:

  • Control Box system, breaker, and alarms

  • Aerator Pump operation

  • Tank inspection including water and waste levels, chlorine level, and tank structure

  • Effluent Level and Operation (including pump, screen, and sprayer operation)

We will provide a thorough inspection report every time, usually within 24 to 72 hours.   If the home has been part of our regular maintenance contract, we can also provide copies of past system installation and inspection records.

We work with real estate agencies on a regular basis to provide these inspection services and help avoid problems that come from unqualified inspections.  The cost of these services will vary slightly depending on the system type.  Septic inspections begin at $165 and may go up depending on distance driven.  


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