Septic Pumping

JT Septic Co takes great pride in providing fast, quality and affordable septic tank pump out when you need it.  We have a dedicated high-capacity pump truck and driver just for septic pumping to help ensure we can provide prompt, efficient service.  We regularly provide pump-out service to Claremore, Owasso, Tulsa, Catoosa, Pryor, Collinsville, Oologah, Broken Arrow, Inola, Chouteau, Adair, and surrounding areas.


Our septic tank pumping specialist is specifically trained not only on how to pump out your tank but also how to use specialized agitation equipment for breaking up and stirring waste solids and debris built up on the bottom and sides of the tank so all can be completely removed.  The Oklahoma DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) requires 95% of all liquids and solids are removed when pumping out a residential septic tank. 


Know How to Compare Septic Pumping Services

If shopping this around to other septic pumping companies, be sure to ask if they use agitation equipment (see pic below) and what the gallon capacity of their pump truck is.  If they are not using agitation equipment or say they only use it as needed, then they will not clean out the tank to meet DEQ requirements.  If their truck tank capacity is less than 2,000 gallons, they may not have the capacity to completely empty a tank.  An average residential septic tank will have total capacity of between 1,000 and 1,400 gallons and most companies will pump out two tanks before going to a treatment plant to empty out.  Our truck tank capacity is 2,800 gallons.  Of course, common sense would tell you that if you can have 95% of all liquids and solids pumped from your tank, you will be able to go much longer between pumping times versus going with someone cheaper who only removes 50-75%.

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JT Pump Truck for Septic Pumping

JT Pump Truck with new graphics ready to get on the road.

Pump Truck pumping out tank
Stirring the Tank pumping pump truck

JT Specialist using a powered agitator to break up solids from the bottom and sides of the septic tank before pumping it completely out.