Health Risks Related to Septic Failure

Owning a septic system can feel like a lot of work. But your septic is an incredibly important part of your home. Without a properly functioning septic system, you and your family face some pretty serious health concerns. In this blog, we’ll discuss what some of those health risks like look. Plus we’ll take a look at why your septic is so important to the health of your home. Our goal with these blogs is always to educate our customers (YOU) so that you can be proactive in your septic care.

Some Health Concerns Related to Septic Failure

First, let’s discuss what exactly these health concerns can look like if your septic were to fail. Of course, if your septic is failing there are a lot of problems that can follow. JT Septic offers 24/7 emergency service, which we recommend you use ASAP with any signs of failure or malfunction.

  • Health concern #1: Issues relating to your drinking water. If sewage is improperly treated due to a septic failure it can affect your drinking water. Illness can occur if the water is ingested due to bacteria and infection in the water.

  • Health concern #2: Septic fumes also carry bacteria. If your septic fails and sewage fumes start escaping, they can aid in the spread of bacteria and illness. This can cause problems such as allergies, sinus infections, and other respiratory infections.

  • Health concern #3: Mold spores can get back into your home through the air or leaking water found in your home. These mold spores can continue growing in areas of your home causing problems such as asthma. Not only can they cause health concerns but they can also be incredibly expensive and time-consuming to get rid of.

  • Health concern #4: Similar to issue number 2, septic fumes can be incredibly flammable. Additionally, fumes such as methane and sulfide can be toxic to you and your pets.

We don’t want you to read this and start stressing about your septic system failing. If you notice signs of failure call a professional out immediately and it’s likely the problem will be resolved easily. We share these health concerns only so that you’re aware of what can happen if you neglect your septic system and its needs.

How Your Septic System Protects Your Home

Your septic works hard to naturally break down and contain all of the nasty bacteria, waste, and fumes that are sent through your sewage. Your septic system is able to use natural bacteria to break these things down and process them. Once processed, your septic will continue to move through the system into a drain field where they will go back into the earth. The truth is that your septic is working overtime to ensure that you and your family stay healthy and safe. Not just your family but the environment as well! That’s why here at JT Septic we’re so passionate about doing our best to maintain your septic. It’s also why we care about educating you as the homeowner so that you can be knowledgeable enough to make good decisions.

As we’ve mentioned in this blog, JT Septic is available for 24/7 emergency service. No matter what time of day, our team is here for you. If you should ever experience a septic failure our team is available to help you properly navigate the situation. Just call (918) 406 - 5620.

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