Is Your Septic System Helping Our Environment or Not?

Here at JT Septic, we’ve taken a new approach to septic care. We actually want to show our customers how their septic systems are affecting the environment. We believe that without a healthy environment there’s no room for our children and their future. That’s why we’d like to help make a change. So that our future can be brighter for those behind us. The question remains is your septic system helping out the environment? We’ll explore that in this blog!

Short Answer. YES!

The short answer to the question we’ve posed is YES your septic system as a whole is environmentally friendly. Your septic system is actually better for the environment than a public sewage system. This is because in order for public sewage to be processed properly, harsh chemicals must be added to it. These harsh chemicals are also harsh on our environment.

Another reason that your septic system is environmentally friendly is that it’s natural. The process of breaking down waste in your system is done through naturally occurring bacteria. These bacteria work to break down the waste so that it can be disposed of later in the septic system. This natural bacteria and lack of harsh chemicals mean that when the wastewater is dispersed in the environment it’s not causing further damage.

Your septic is also helping keep communicable diseases from entering the environment. Obviously, the job of your septic system is to break down and process waste from your home. This waste can contain bacteria and other nasty things that can cause illness. That’s why a well-functioning septic system is so important to your family’s safety.

You should have some caution though…

While your PROPERLY FUNCTIONING septic system is environmentally friendly, a failing one is not. If you are having issues with your septic system then it’s no longer performing its job and therefore is not environmentally friendly. That’s why JT Septic encourages all homeowners to have basic knowledge of their septic system. This will help alert them to any signs that something is wrong. If you feel something with your septic system is not right give our team a call asap -- (918) 406 -5620!

Together we can help make a change so that our children can continue to thrive! Join us in leaving behind a legacy.

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